Patrick Putzker

22. September 2015

Name: Patrick Putzker
Date of Birth: 29.07.1994
Hometown: Remscheid NRW, Germany

Instrument: Drums (since 2004)

Patrick proudly endorses GreinerKilmer drums! He plays a 7×13″ custom segmented snare made out of Walnut, Bloodwood and Zebrawood. For more information check out Patrick’s artist profile on GK’s homepage:

Tama Silverstar Birch Custom VL62 Rock – DMF 
-> 22” Bass
-> 10” Tom1, 12” Tom2, 14” Floor1, 16” Floor2

All Sabian Cymbals (Left to Right):
14″ B8 Hats
10” B8 Splash
19″ AAX-treme Crash
12” AAX-Mini-China
18” AAX V Crash
22″ AA Power Bell Ride
17” Vault Holy China

Remo Emperor clear on tom batter, Evans G1 on resonant
Remo Controlled Sound snare top, Emperor Reso snare resonant
Evans EMAD Heavyweight kick batter (thick ring, minimal padding in kick drum)

-> Pedals: Tama Speed Cobra with rubber beaters, Pearl Drum Rack curved, Rest: all Tama Hardware, Throne:
Tama HT130

Monitoring: Shure SE 215-CL

Sticks: Vic Firth 3A

Influences: Adam Gray, Matthew Greiner, Thomas Lang, Joey Jordison, Mike Portnoy

Official Facebook page:

Instagram: @patrick_tidesawaking
Twitter: @Patrick_TidesA